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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A long week and strange comings and goings

I have been forced to amuse myself a lot this week-MM was busy with somethin'. She kept leaving and coming home on and off at different times of day so I never knew when she would show up.
So I watched some of the neighborhood cats walking around outside. There is one big ol' white and brown long-haired cat that comes by pretty often. He likes to sit in the backyard corner. Also I listened to some birds who live on the front porch. The door has to be open before I can see them. They have babies that sure do make a lot of noise.
Today when MM came home we went outside to see the white and brown cat but he just hissed and ran off. I guess he didn't want to visit. MM brought me some new rattley pingpong balls to chase. These were orange and real fun!
After dinner tonight I got in one of those "moods" my people call springfever. Just felt like running so I tore up the stairs to the open window, then back down to each room and then came to a halt by the back door. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
I have a new scratching toy that looks like a bunny rabbit rug that I REALLY like to lie on, and scratch, too. It has catnip in it and that's very good. Ah, rest time. Meeoow! Em


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