Emma the Camping Cat

Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Is Like Any Other Day To A Cat

Not much going on around here today. I've been napping here and there, and carrying my toys into mm when I get bored. She fixed me a new window shelf above the computer desk so I have access to the computer very easily...once she gets off.
I hope there are some good animal shows tonight for me. I like the funny noises some of the other critters make. There aren't too many strange animals to watch in my yard, but once there was a very strange looking thing with a flat round face and a terrible underbite out there. It had short stubby legs and it actually looked in my window! What the heck was that barky little thing? I have some neighbor cats that come by once in a while, too. I like to watch them from all my windows so have to run all over if I want to see them coming and going.
It's bath time again so I gotta go lick, lick, lick....E


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