Emma the Camping Cat

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another week gone...!

A whole week has gone by and what have I been doing? Just my usual cat chores...checking out the window sills, counting the birds in the feeder, racing invisible friends up the stairs, and hocking up furballs! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were a little anoying with all the rain and thunder. My squirrel buddy ignored the rain Sunday and got into the bird feeder anyway.
This morning MM got out some new thingy for me and tried to stuff me into it! IT was some sort of cat tote that she could wear when we go hiking but it was too small for me. She says I got a LOOONG body for a cat. So what! I didn't like that thing anyway. My old one is just fine and has lots of room in it. I went off and hid under her little log cabin village!
Now it's time for a cuddle as soon as I finish here. Then maybe a nap, a snack, or a run-we'll just wait and see. Happy meowsings.


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