Emma the Camping Cat

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lazy Day

My mom opened up the back door and my window today for the first time in ...well, a long time. The sun is so warm that I have gone back and forth from the back door to my condo by my window to nap. And my birds are back at their feeders ! I even see some pretty flowers outside. We went for a walk around the back yard but that got kind of scarey. It's so big outside and so many strange looking things and strange noises. I kind of like just watching from my special places where it is safe. Sometimes tho' I have to go find my mom if she isn't where I can see her.
Early today I was in a silly mood and climbed into the sink, and tried to get MM to play so she tickled me with one of my feather toys. I licked that toy real good! Well, I'm ready for another sun nap now....yawn! E


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